We refine your ideas into a product, taking into account the roles of packaging and production.

When you have an idea about a product or a need for bottle, jar or other beverage or food package, we help you to find a packaging solution that fits your brand, product and budget. We help you to find a packaging solution suitable for your unique product and that enables cost-effective production. In this way, a small brewery can get the same advantages as a large brewery, for example. Our strengths include extensive experience, understanding of the industry and cooperation with key stakeholders and suppliers.

Well-designed packaging is an excellent way to stand out from competitors. With the right kind of packaging, our customers strengthen their brand and appeal to their customers.

The right packaging choice reduces costs and makes production more efficient. The key of our service is to suggest the right solution for the production and logistics, in order to avoid production challenges and to build a cost-effective total solution. Our supplier network provides products for large and small production batches.

You can also take advantage of our logistics services. We stock the most commonly used packages and will deliver them to our customers as needed. Read more about our logistic services.

We can also offer extensive technical support throughout the product life cycle, e.g. improving product line performance.

Bevpak helps ideas come to life

Example of our total service

1. Exploring an idea or need

Customer has an idea about a product that needs a packaging solution. We explore the customer’s vision, needs and resources.

2. Choosing the correct packaking

We find suitable packaging in terms of availability and batch sizes that fit our customer’s brand and needs.

3. Support with production planning

We consult the packer about any technical issues, so that production will be as cost-effective as possible.

4. Logistics and life cycle services

We ensure the availability of packaging items, the timely storage and distribution of the products and technical conditions for the product life cycle.